Thursday, October 11, 2012

Complete Streets Survey

For many years Pensacola has been working to accommodate a variety of modes of transportation on city streets. Sidewalks and bike lanes can be seen sporadically throughout the city.

The city now is focusing on creating a bicycle and pedestrian network throughout the city. Such a network would connect neighborhoods to employment centers and other amenities. In our effort to design the network and target improvements, we are looking for citizen input.

A survey is posted online at Please provide us with your thoughts and ideas. Do keep in mind that the focus of this effort is not streets within neighborhoods but rather connections between neighborhoods.

The results of the survey will be forwarded to the City Council's Complete Streets Ad-Hoc Committee. The committee will compile the input and create a map and listing of necessary improvements. The improvements will be ranked based on certain criteria, such as proximity to schools, public interest, and low cost. The plan will then be forwarded to the city council for adoption. The intent is that each year the city will allocate funds (whether from standard coffers or, preferably, from grant revenue specifically for these types of improvements) and within a few years we will have a city that it markedly more friendly to bicycles and pedestrians.

Please share the survey with others--the more input we receive, the better our results will be.