Saturday, September 25, 2010

Talking Trash

Recently I had a conversation with a friend. She mentioned how informative a tour she took of the San Francisco landfill was and commented how neat it would be to have such things here. To her surprise, I told her that we do have them, that I've been on the tour, and the tours here, too, are really interesting and informative.

I bet that friend isn't the only one who is curious about what happens to our trash after the truck comes. So, if you are interested in learning about the local landfill, you can take a tour on the last Wednesday of the month every month. Tours are at 10, noon, and 2 pm. They appreciate RSVPs, and you can call (850-937-2160) with other questions. I guarantee you will walk away with lots of information about trash.

If you can't get away for a tour, you can read my blog post about my visit. You can also view a video about the landfill. For other information about the Perdido Landfill, visit their website.