Sunday, December 28, 2008

Megan's new blog

Better late than never. I've been mulling the best way for me to communicate about city issues. I'm not yet convinced that a blog is it, but I wanted to get something started. I hope that this blog will be a site where I can share my thought and those of others on issues and ideas as they come up before council or as they occur to me or are suggested by you. I don't aim to be terribly newsy, but I hope to share the facts that are available to the council that may not be easily accessible to others (like the text of the recently proposed port lease). In addition, I will try to share the research that I do on different issues. In the past I have thought that perhaps councilmembers or other elected officials vote they way they do because they have information in their materials that I don't have, and I want to help you know the information that I have on which I will base my decisions.

I also hope to use this as a forum to suggest new ideas that I would like to explore in making Pensacola a better place. I hope you will take these ideas as jumping off points, a way for me to share unvetted ideas which may or may not continue forward as city policies. I believe that no question is a stupid question and that by bringing up ideas I might elicit some discussion that could result in new policies based on the original idea or lead to an alternative idea that might be great for this community.

I also welcome your questions and suggestions. I will monitor comments, but often the comment section of a blog is not the easiest, most direct place to start a discussion. I have created a new email address ( and looking forward to hearing from you at that address.

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